Student Bus Regulations

Permanent Bus Stops

  • Permanent bus stops will be established by the Franklin Township Community Schools (FTCSC) Transportation Office. Bus stops will be published annually and made available to the community via the FTCSC website.  Bus stops will be located on publicly serviced roadways. Buses will NOT load/unload students at businesses, parking lots, or areas deemed unsafe by the Transportation Department.  Students must use the bus stop assigned to them.
  • Students and parents are required to ensure the safety of all individuals to and from the bus stop and while waiting for the bus.
  • Students that do not reside in a neighborhood and reside off of a main roadway will be picked up at their driveway.
  • Bus drivers are not authorized to change, edit, or add bus stops to their route. Please do not approach the driver at the bus stop.  Requests or concerns are handled by the FTCSC Transportation Office.
  • Students need to be at their scheduled bus stop at least 5-10-minutes prior to the time scheduled. Buses will not be sent back to retrieve students that missed the bus.


Cul-De-Sacs/Courts/Dead End Roadways

  • FTCSC will not allow its buses to travel down cul-de-sacs, courts, or dead end roadways due to inherent risk.
  • Buses will not use driveways or parking lots to turn around.


Bus Routes and Changes

The change must be permanent and a consistent daily pick-up or drop-off location (no variant day/week locations will be approved).

In order to provide a safe and secure experience for our students, FTCSC is unable to temporarily alter a student’s scheduled stop location and or route.  This ensures that all students will be picked up and dropped off at the appropriate time and location.  In addition, this allows FTCSC to maximize bus capacity and routing efficiencies.  Transportation can only provide rides to and from the assigned bus stop.  Please do not send notes to the school, give notes to the drivers, or contact the transportation office with requested changes as they will be unable to assist and may create confusion.  Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

  • Bus routes will be designed to utilize the maximum capacity rating for each bus. Routes will be designed and built for students to ride to and from their assigned stop based on their home address or daycare provider.
  • If you are using a daycare provider please use the Pick-up/Drop-off Information Form, which is available at school offices, and CTEC (Administration Office on Franklin Rd).   This form may be turned in turned into the school office or faxed to Transportation Office at 803-5070.  Changes may take up to 3-5 days to process.  Parents/Guardians should have a back-up plan in place until services are altered to accommodate request.  No changes may start until approved, authorized, and scheduled by the FTCSC transportation office.  Once the request is approved the Transportation Office will notify the bus driver and guardian of student with start date and routing information.
  • Due to bus capacity and routing efficiencies students will NOT be able to use multiple bus stops or day variant scheduling.
  • There may be times routes may need to be consolidated to account for shortage of drivers or situations unforeseen by the transportation office.
  • In the event the transportation department changes a bus route and the times are altered more than +/-10 minutes students and parents will be notified via letter indicating the schedule changes at least 3 days prior.
  • One week prior to school starting bus route information will be available on the corporation website; .  Click on the button with the yellow bus then on the link provided.  Use the login and passwords provided on that page.  In the event last minute changes may be made it is recommended to double check the night before school starts.
  • The Transportation page on the FTCSC website will have posting of changes along with daily notices of buses running later than 10 minutes.


Bus Stop Etiquette

Students and parents are to respect the property where the bus stops are located. Individuals are not to damage or vandalize the property where the bus stops are located. Failure to comply may result in a loss of riding privileges


Loading and Unloading Safety

  • Students are to wait at least 10 feet away from the curb while waiting for the bus.
  • Students that are required to cross the street must cross in front of the busONLY after the driver has activated the red warning lights, stop arm, and they are indicated by the driver that it is safe to cross.
  • Students are NOT to cross behind the bus. Due to severity of the safety risk, students that cross behind the bus may lose riding privileges.
  • Students are to be at their bus stop ready to board the bus at least 5-10 minutes prior to scheduled pick-up time. Students that are not at the bus stop and visible to the driver may be missed.
  • If a student misses the bus they are NOT to chase, follow, or board the bus at any other location other than their assigned bus stop. Doing any one of these can be extremely dangerous and can result in serious injury.



In order to maintain bus routes running in an efficient and timely manner, we request that all communication be handled through the Transportation Office and not at the bus stop. In the event you need to get ahold of your child’s bus driver to discuss a disciplinary concern, bus times, or items related to the bus ride please contact the Transportation Office (862-2314) and a message will be left for the driver.


Bus Safety Drills

Throughout the school year students will participate in bus safety drills. The dates will be posted online. This program is to help assist students in the education process of understanding their role and what to do in the event the bus needs to be evacuated.

  • Students will be taught how to evacuate, where to evacuate, and how the emergency exits operate.
  • Students shall dress accordingly on these dates as they will be evacuating out of the bus through the front, middle, or rear exits.


Carry-On Items

Carry-on items must fit the following criteria:

  • Fit on top of students lap
  • Sit below the lower window level
  • Are not to interfere with other students sitting in their seat.
  • Must keep the aisle and emergency exits clear; per state law.

Students are not to bring toys, electronic devices, collectible cards, laser pointers, balloons, or other distracting items to school or onto the bus. Any items needed for a school project, etc. should be kept in the students back pack.  Items that do not fit in the back pack may not be transported.   FTCSC is not responsible for loss, damage or theft of electronic devises or other items brought onto the bus.


Bus Rules

The bus is an extension of the school therefore students are expected to follow the same rules that apply in a classroom. In addition, students are expected to follow the Bus Discipline Plan listed below: Failure to follow the Bus Discipline Plan may result in a loss of bus riding privileges:


Expectations for Riding a FTCSC Bus:

  • Follow directions first time given
  • Treat other riders with respect and consideration to safety
  • Be at the designated stop prior to the bus arrival
  • Go straight to assigned seat and remain seated while bus is in motion (use seatbelt if applicable).
  • Keep all items in a bag that is small enough to be held in the lap.  All items must be maintained in the space of your child’s seat and may not be in the aisle or impede into the space of others.
  • If allowed at your school electronic devices, food, gum or drinks are to be kept in the back pack.
  • Be responsible for your belongings; items that could be lost damaged or stolen are not the responsibility of FTCSC.
  • Ask before putting windows down.
  • Keep hands feet and objects to yourself and inside the bus.
  • Use kind words and talk with appropriate voice levels.

Infractions that will result in immediate suspension from the bus:

  • Verbal or physical abuse of students or staff
  • Destruction or vandalism
  • Possession of sprays, combustibles, tobacco, alcohol, drugs or weapons (guns, knives, lighters, etc.)


Bus Discipline Action Plan

Please be aware that the following is just a guideline.  Serious infraction may dictate a more severe action. When able, the driver will verbally warn the student and or move seats.  After that the driver is instructed to follow the discipline plan as outlined:

  1. WARNING:              No time off the bus – Form sent home for parent awareness only
  2. FIRST ACTION:       One day off the bus- Form sent home
  3. SECOND ACTION:   3-10 days off the bus Form sent home
  4. THIRD ACTION       Up to remainder of  year off the bus Form sent home

Any Form sent home will have two sheets.  The white copy is for the parent/guardian to keep.  The yellow requires a parent/guardian signature and is your child’s pass to get back on the bus.  This ensures the Transportation Department and school that you are aware of the incident.

FTCSC staff will use all means possible to investigate discipline complaints.  Video viewing is done by FTCSC transportation staff and building principals/deans.  For investigative reasons school staff decides that showing the video to students involved is necessary.    However, to protect the privacy for ALL FTCSC students we do not allow parents to view video.

Parents may contact the Transportation Office at 862-2314 with any transportation concerns.

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